The Lag Effect: PSN and Xbox Live Analysed

How fair is online gaming? A Digital Foundry special report.

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svoulis2294d ago

Good read, except I feel like this is common knowledge to any online gamer. Honestly, the best way to "deal" with Lag is to use dedicated servers, that way if you are lagging you will be at the disadvantage, and not the entire lobby. They could also use server list to help you pick a room with good/decent ping.

babysteeze2294d ago

Xbox is legit but i got a ps3

DontShoot-Me-Bro2294d ago

WTF does your comment actually mean?

Then once you answer that...

What has it got to do with the article?


babysteeze2294d ago

i was trying to reply to someones commet. im new at this lol

DontShoot-Me-Bro2293d ago

Oh okay i see, it was weird reading the article and then reading your comment lol

Sorry if i came off a bit rude.


svoulis2294d ago

I play both Online and honestly they both play bad when it lags.

Random lock ups, freezing and dropping dead because the host is still moving. One shot deaths, getting hit markers but dying and kill cam showing no bullets fired.

It doesn't matter anymore what console you play the game on. Either way the lag is incredibly annoying.

BuffMordecai2294d ago

Online is crap, titles need to bring more local play.

Vortex3D2292d ago

Ask Sony and developer why PS3 version doesn't offer local play while X360 version does offer system link which is local play.

LettingGo2294d ago

My little brother's first online gaming experience was Resistance:FOM, so he didn't believe people when they told him about LAG. It was hilarious. Honestly though, I've experienced less LAG via PSN than any other network. Steam will forever be the best online gaming experience with the most features, but PC's are inconsistent.

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