Skyrim 200 hours later: Time to cheat

Gaming In Entertainment writes: What a journey our first 200 hours in the world of Skyrim have been, a game that has changed the way we live each day since its release, and now find ourselves being pulled back to this world, which includes our virtual books, weapons and wife.

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danswayuk2358d ago

What defines a cheat, can almost killing a horse and healing it again be cheating?

SnakeCQC2358d ago

is there a spell to permanently resurrect someone you killed?

danswayuk2358d ago

I have not found one yet.

iamgoatman2358d ago

If you're on PC, open the command console and select the target you wish to resurrect, then type 'resurrect' and hit enter and you're done.

SnakeCQC2358d ago

im on pc and i knew about that but thx i was just looking for an awesome looking spell hope someone mods it in

SAE2358d ago

i completed the main story in less then 20 hours , now im not intersting on the other stuff , good game but it didn't give me the feelings when i played dark cloud or dragon age or even fallout , i'll try to complete it next week , maybe i didn't enjoy it because of the things that happening in my country :( ...