Sony experimenting with 'freemium'

Sony is experimenting internally with ‘freemium’ titles and mobile gaming, but the company’s XDev department says the ‘home console experience’ won’t be going away.

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Persistantthug2272d ago

They discovered it could be successful with PS HOME.

And they also allowed a few others to try it, like with Tecmo Koei's MMORPG, UNCHARTED WATERS ONLINE.

There will be more.

ZombieAssassin2272d ago

I wish they would bring The Agency out as a F2P game, it looked like it had some potential but it was canned when they pretty much let go a majority of SOE.

Machioto2272d ago

Yeah put it in home and give people more of reason to visit.

Redempteur2272d ago

Experimenting ? more like leading the way ... PS HOme is fremium done right ( even if it was bad at the start now it's more than great )

GraveLord2272d ago

DC Universe Online says hi!

KentBlake2272d ago

This "freemium" thing is the worst idea the game industry has ever come with. My hate for it is beyond words.

Sheikh Yerbouti2271d ago

Just send them a check every month for $12.