What's the Deal with Deus Ex 3?

Eidos Montreal general manager Stephane D'Astous proves himself a true Canadian in the first moments of the conversation. Before 1UP can get to the subject at hand -- last week's anticipated announcement of Deus Ex 3 -- he almost laboriously turns the conversation to the weather. "We haven't got so much wind," he says, "but it's pretty damp. It gets through the clothes and to the bone."

Soon cold will be the least of D'Astous's worries; his team at the newly-formed Eidos Montreal studio has been given the opportunity to create the next chapter in a much-loved and very divisive franchise. Naturally, forums exploded to this announcement with a healthy mix of excitement and skepticism. A brand new studio taking on a series that had already been mishandled once before? D'Astous agreed to speak with 1UP about how this happened and Eidos Montreal's plans for Deus Ex 3.

Tidbits from the interview:
- Platforms will be announced in maybe early 2008 or maybe summer. But they're not working on current or last gen, it's next-gen and PC.
- No one in the Eidos Montreal team has worked on the previous Deus Ex games.
- They want to conserve the dialogue, choice versus consequences, the depth and richness of Deus Ex.

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THC CELL3849d ago

i think they should have multi player

DarkSniper3848d ago

I'm excited to play this game on my PS3.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3848d ago

What IS the Deal with Deus Ex 3?

Rhezin3848d ago

ewwww multiplayer for Deus X would RUIN the whole purpose. They should just focus on single player and make it even better than last time.