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Eurogamer writes:

"Releasing Xbox games on Xbox Live Marketplace for 1200 Microsoft Points is almost as good an idea as completely dropping support for Xbox 1 even though it was really popular and would have remained a tremendously viable platform for new third-party releases for just as long as the PS2 given the right support. But enough of that - we're supposed to be celebrating the fifth anniversary of Xbox Live here, not complaining about Microsoft not phoning its Gran."

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Multigamer3883d ago

has anyone downloaded any yet?

Auron3883d ago

Crash tWoC looks and plays great also the loading time is reduced
alos DL Indigo Prophecy, Halo and Fable because I regret selling those. the faster loading should be a plus for Fable.

Capt CHAOS3883d ago

How long before I get fed up and jump ship on Xbox live?

ry-guy3883d ago

Probably never since you'e paying for an excellent service to play online console games.

Sure, you could go free but we have not exactly heard the press praising Sony over it. In fact players complain more frequently about the lack of quality service than they do lauding it being free.

Salvadore3883d ago

Are there any minor improvements on the titles?

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Genuine3883d ago

I can't believe these Eurogamer retards are whining because now Live offers downloadable Xbox games for $13. That's a good deal, I don't see why anyone would have a problem with it. I just wonder how Eurogamer is enjoying the backwards compatabilty of their 40gb ps3's.

Saint Sony3883d ago

It is not expensive at all, especially when the dollar is dropping down like sonyfanboys from the gamers world.

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The story is too old to be commented.