New Saints Row: The Third DLC adds pimp suit, bling shotgun

Two more Saints Row: The Third DLC packs are available to download from Xbox Live Marketplace from today, with each including a brand new weapon and an additional "pimpalicious" outfit for your character's wardrobe.

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Megaton2360d ago

Eh... that's disappointing. I was wondering why there wasn't a pimp suit like in SR2. Guess they cut it out to rip people off for a couple bucks by selling it as DLC.

Janitor2360d ago

Yeah these two packs suck ass, at least they're cheap I guess. I did get the season pass for free which includes 3 mission packs, hopefully they are good, the campaign was too short.

BuffMordecai2360d ago

Not buyin', this packs sucks ass.

MasterD9192360d ago

Haven't used the cheats yet but isn't there a pimp cane shotgun cheat?

I'll wait and see what comes with the DLC. Hopefully some new weapons. They said they were going to do a ton of these mini DLC packs throughout the year.

xflo3602359d ago

Dear volition instead of giving us rubbish add on packs with useless stuff that no one wants! How's about giving us the NO GRAVITY CHEAT!!!
Without it the game is not as fun as saints 2, I'm actually considering trading the third in!!