Most disappointing games of 2011

Addict of Fiction's Custard Trout takes a look at some games that really disappointed him, and why.
Probably the only feature with a game called "Suckycount".
Probably not the only feature that talks about Gears of War porn.

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mcstorm2299d ago

Lol did this guy just not like any games this year.

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iGaMei2299d ago

I opened the link seen Batman on there closed link

aviator1892298d ago

"Gears of War 3, Okay the gameplay is fun like really fun! But the story really just felt like Epic were saying “Guess what fans? Fuck you! Want to know why the queen looks human? Buy our porno DVD: Adam <3 Myrrah.” With plot holes and obvious gaps for someone to slap another game on top. Although the odd bit of story really did tug on the heart. And as for the weapon skins? Well. Yeah, no. They were okay. But I’m not paying for any, bloody swine. And one thing I know annoyed a lot of people is that they encouraged people to buy games to unlock “special characters” well that was bollocks wasn’t it?"

My god, it's as if this was written by a kid who seems to have failed at writing. Just reading it makes me want to hurl.

j-blaze2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

Uncharted 3:
walk and solve lame puzzles for half of the damn game, control a character that staggers everywhere "thanks to ND's drunk animations technology!", stiff platforming, dumb A.I, a game that lacks boss battles, clunky gunplay, heavily scripted and linear game.

imo Gears of War 3 was much MUCH better game! better campaign and online MP, A.I, weapons, gameplay and has BOSS BATTLES!

HeavenlySnipes2298d ago

How would UC have a boss battle that made sense? Were you hoping a sand monster was going to appear and attack you?

jetlian2298d ago

explain any monster in the series then?

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The story is too old to be commented.