Prosecutor releases 'do not buy' violent video game list

In Detroit, Michigan, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy released a list of the top 10 most violent video games, warning parents not to buy them for their children this holiday season. "It's no wonder we're seeing the crimes we're seeing lately," she said.

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gamesR4fun3943d ago

really tons more games that kids really shouldnt play unless they got parents willing to spend time with them and make sure they actually understand whats okto do inreal life vs the games...
and why just video games? Movies and TV do a lot more damage than games... Morons politicians just wanting to cash in on a little anti game hype.
Kym Worthy if you spent a little more time with your own kids rather than trying to get cheap votes maybe they could handle their games and life a little better...

MK_Red3943d ago

1.Do these idiots know that most of games on their list are rather old?
Killer 7, God of War, Godfather, 50 Cent, Hitman: MB... This is a list for 2007 holiday? More like 2005 or 6.
2.LOL, 300 the video game? Did anyone even think of buying it? Also, the 300 fever is long gone and I don't think many have even heard of 300 game.

ban fans3942d ago

I have to agree with you, and it also poses another question.

Where's the list telling parents not to buy the MOVIE 300, Resident Evil, The Godfather, Scarface and Hitman or telling them not to buy 50 Cent's MUSIC!!!

Nope, no such list exists. Video games = Politicians latest scapegoat!

The Maverick3943d ago

Before i say anthing else i want to ask a simple question, how old are these games? you see many people that own consoles have probably played one of these games, and if they havent thay are all so old is there any point especially when there are so many good games coming out. What annoys me are those 18 ratings, imean you get 18 ratings on movies yet after a few years they appear on TV when every1 can watch them the same with old games, mortal kombat used to be an 18 yet if you wanted to buy it now it would barely scrape a 12. I hate going into a shop then being asked for ID because im under 18 i say " well i havent got it on me" and they reply " well im sorry we cant sell u the game" i walk away hating them, then i give the money to my Mum_plz do not comment- and she buys the game for me, proving the disfunctionality and sheer stupidity of the damn system

mighty_douche3943d ago

the top 10 fatty foods....

either way, just another american pointing their fingers at anything but the parents.

name3943d ago

Pong- you violently attack a vulnerable entity and then send it to the other as well, then repeat. This seems to have the undertones of gang rape and shouldn't be tolerated. We need to protest this game when it releases.

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The story is too old to be commented.