Sequel Dead Island In The Way?

G4MERS: "During the Warsaw Fair Game Industry Trends 2011 site editors have the opportunity to talk with Paul carrot, president of Wroclaw Techland. They asked him about various things, including studying the plans for the next time. They talked also about the future of Dead Island."

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Bolts2447d ago

Please design quests that make sense in a zombie apocalypse.

BiggCMan2447d ago

Play PC version, problem solved. It's terrible on PS3, I bought it on Steam a few months ago cause I heard it was good, and wanted something to play, and I loved it. Then I bought it on PS3 so I could play with my brother, and I got so frustrated with all the motion blur, it makes things look so terrible. Not so on PC.

TopDudeMan2447d ago

I've just gotten round to playing dead island. I wouldn't mind another.

BiggCMan2447d ago

Not after patches, should be used to most games releasing that way by now.

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The story is too old to be commented.