Why we don't finish games we love

Leaving aside games we hate or get bored with, we get some opinions on why we don't polish off those games we actually like.

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Titanz2418d ago

It's not that I'm bored of the games I'm playing - it's just that I have so many of them, I can't find the time to finish them all.

limewax2417d ago

Agreed, I would rather they started making games substantially longer and release less frequently. It would sure be a treat for the devs I bet too.

Only games I finished lately were AC:revelations and SR3 both of which because they were very short. Come to think of it though I did finish Skyward Sword which took around 40 hours. But the experience is now looked back on fondly unlike the other two mentioned

FCOLitsjustagame2417d ago

I complete the main story of all games I buy, even game I hate because I paid for them ....damit. The one exception is orangebox. I keep saying I will go back to it but keep finding better games to play. (though maybe I should revise my rule to only games I pay full price for).

I do not complete all achievements on all games, because some of them are just not interesting or require me to play too much online. Also, once I complete the main story I often lose interest in the game. There are some exceptions ofcourse and some games like ME or Gears that I will play over and over.

Tanir2417d ago

yeah um, if i pay money, why the hell not beat them? if im not going to finish them before the next game comes out then why not wait till price drops?

me playing dark souls b4 uncharted 3 lead to uncharted 3 becoming very cheap for me to buy since sales come quick. theres no rush unless you know ur going to die tommorow

Manac0R2417d ago

I suffer from Schrödinger's cat-complex. This is where by not finishing a game, I leave it in an quantum flux. Where both the ideal and worst possible endings both exist. I am neither disappointed nor amazed, I am both as I have allowed a multitude of endings to co exist in one reality. Only by finishing the game will all alternative wave forms collapse into one absolute reality, and that could mean a shit ending.

Anyway this is something I tell myself, but really it's to do wth Steam and the ability to impulse buy and buy and buy. I own near 250 games on steam and only joined 10 months ago.

New years resolution is to get tough on finishing games. Seriously I often blame the game, if it was good enough it would keep my attention and not let me stray.

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The story is too old to be commented.