THQ to announce “very exciting” new title this month

G4MERS: "THQ is set to announce a “very exciting” new game at some point this month, THQ core mouthpiece Danny Bilson’s said."

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Forbidden_Darkness2448d ago

Most likely at the VGAs i'm guessing. Hopefully not an FPS.

Relientk772447d ago

U took the words right out of my mouth lol. No more shooters

TenSteps2447d ago

Too soon.

I doubt they'll announce a sequel a month after its predecessor is released.

ninjahunter2447d ago

This should be exciting. Bummer their doing that announcement for an announcement thing though, thats a bit irritating.

NYC_Gamer2447d ago

it's maybe the turtle rock project

Dlacy13g2447d ago

I am guessing they show off HomeFront 2 w/ since Crytek is now developing

Forbidden_Darkness2447d ago

They are going to 'announce' a 'very exciting new title'. Homefront 2 has already been announced.

Dlacy13g2447d ago

yeah, I know they technically announced the sequel was going to be handled by Crytek but it hasn't been "formally" announced with a trailer... so I still am betting on this being the game.

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