PS Vita To Launch With Demos Day One, Dynasty Warriors Next Confirmed for Japan Launch

Like the PSP and PS3 before it, a steady stream of demos will grace the PlayStation Store for PS Vita. It’s been confirmed via a Dengeki PlayStation report that a demo of Dynasty Warriors Next will be available on day one for the Japanese launch — December 17.

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Spenok2363d ago

Thats good news.

Though its to be expected. Seeing as how integrated the PS Store is into the system.

miyamoto2363d ago

Looking at the picture above I thought they are Wii U control pads images up there. I hope people don't get confused between the two.

GribbleGrunger2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

i hope they do. Sony already have the WiiHD covered, now they can cover the WIIU market before the machine even releases. next up, PSEye3D to cover Kinect 2 (you see)

nevin12363d ago

Is that really the future of gaming?


GribbleGrunger2363d ago

no, it's just part of the future. AAA titles are always going to be there on the PS3 regardless of how wide the demographic becomes. this is the difference between Sony and other companies.

MasterCornholio2362d ago

Since that's true I probably won't buy a game with the Vita. Will download the demos first before deciding.