Will BioShock Infinite VGA gameplay trailer reveal the game's release date?

8bitfix writes: BioShock Infinite is a nominee for their Most Anticipated Game category. It is currently going up against The Last Guardian, Diablo III, Halo 4, and Mass Effect 3. Could the trailer finally reveal the game's release date?

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LOGICWINS2420d ago

Doesn't matter. Even if we get a release date, whos to say that it won't get pushed back like Agent, Sorcery, The Last Guardian, and other highly anticipated titles? All I wanna see is more gameplay.

dark-hollow2419d ago

Bioshock and mass effect defines everything i love in this gen.

xtremexx2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

it better. im pretty sure it would. However @Logicwins has a good point, it could get pushed back.

SolidGear32420d ago

All I want vor Christmas is an Infinite release date. Hope it's February like I've been hearing! I know it's no later than March since it's due 'fiscal 2012'.

Mario0072419d ago

fiscal 2012 means april 2012-march 2013

SolidGear32419d ago

My bad.. I meant 'fiscal 2011'

Mutant-Spud2420d ago

I'm mildly interested in this game, Bioshock 2 was OK but the WOW! factor wasn't there like with the first instalment.
Both Bioshocks were good value,any campaign that goes over about the 15 hr mark is a bit too long IMO.

Darth Stewie2419d ago

Bioshock 2 was a fail because it was not a Ken Levine game which is why Bioshock Infinite will blow minds.

DigitalRaptor2419d ago

Yeah. I'm pretty sure it will.

Feb-March is my guess!

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