UT3: PlayTM review - 'nothing really new'

UT3 won't convert anyone who didn't like Unreal Tournament in the first place, but you'd have to be mad to think like that, anyhow. This game is pure, unadulterated, ultra-violent fun, and should perhaps be compulsory for anyone who needs a bit of stress relief in their life.

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ErcsYou3795d ago

ships dec 10th.... receive dec 11th... im really excited for UT3..
Last generation i hated FPS.. they all looked like $hit to me and i was in my RPG/ ARCADE faze.. I decided to give Resistance a shot and i was hooked... resistance made me like FPS again. Now im a MP online addict .

UT3s online MP looks off the hook. thats why im buying it..i dont really care for the single player mode's anymore....i still haven't beat COD4 or GRAW2 and i probably never will.. id rather put a good 30 -40 hours a week crushing fellow PS3ers online...

Reviews are 100% B/S this gen..... this has a good chance of being my favorite ps3 game so far....if it does exceed my expectations i will never trust another reviewer again

360sucks3795d ago

COD4 is the first
fps game i finish
1 day it took me

kewlkat0073795d ago

played UT on PC before?

Besides the graphics I wonder what is really new in there....I never did play campaign but just multi-player on the PC.

Winter47th3795d ago

Nothing really new because it's already been sculpted to perfection gameplay-wise since 2k4, and that's pretty damn good in my book.

Bleucrunch3795d ago

I just reserved this game today and I cant wait until next week.......yup I wont be getting any sleep when this game comes out. See you guys online. Make sure you guys the keyboard and mouse cause it will make you a better shooter.

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