IGN: Don't Be Afraid of Dota 2

A basic overview of Valve's sort-of sequel.

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Manac0R2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

I recently got an invite to this, and the community is harsh. Even admitting you are new to the game brings a torrent of harsh remarks.

I bought this up with a friend of mine who plays Dota and his reasoning was this:

The community is pretty much harsh, that's because it's a trail by fire. You jump in. If you don't learn, read, research and think about the game and tactics then your wont survive. This game is so player dependant that you need to know that man on your team has the metal to stand tall, to lane solo or provide back up. You don't want wish washy cry babies. So if you can't stand the heat (trashtalk) or you can't learn the game and put in a bit of thought then this isn't the game for you.

At this point I had stopped listening and was playing Skyrim with a cold yeah..I guess...

STK0262332d ago

DotA's community is pretty harsh, and for better or for worse, the same applies to similar games like HoN and LoL, to lesser degrees though (in my opinion).

Darkfocus2332d ago

Play practice rounds first of course people are gonna get mad at you being new joining their team in ranked matches what the hell were you thinking?

wollie2332d ago

and this is why i will never play this game.

Altourus2332d ago

Recently got into the beta for this, apparently they learned nothing from HoN and League of Legends. They took the clunky Warcraft 3 engine and said how do we reproduce that, not how do we improve that. There are a lot of simple things they could do UI wise and Control wise to make the gameplay far smoother. Just because it's more challenging to control doesn't mean it's better, in most cases it means it's worse.

An example, you can never see enemy mana when you look at the Health bar above their character, you have to click them. This was something Warcraft 3 couldn't do because of the virtual realestate all those bars would take. HoN and LoL improved upon this, Dota 2 did not.

Also if you want to see enemy or even teammate items you have to select their hero, then issue NO ORDERS. The second you click anywhere your hero is reselected, meaning you can't see their items anymore. League of Legends handled this by making the inventory appear on the Tab score screen, HoN just lets you select and keep a unit selected as long as it's visible. Similarly you can only see your gold if your character is selected, why? I can see ally gold in the Scorescreen if I need too.

Little things like this pile up to make this game very clunky. Personally, I hope these issue get worked out by launch, but it's likely these were all design decisions, bad ones.


soundslike2332d ago

Good info.

Looks like I'd hate this game then.

cheeto1012332d ago

You certainly need a thick skin to play this genre of game. Even League of Legends, which is a much simpler game, has a massive learning curve for people who are unfamiliar with the genre.

Im hoping Valve has really put time and effort into the bots and tutorials because they are going to be essential if Dota is going to break into mainstream North American gaming. Its not going to be easy to crack LoL's hold on the moba scene here though.