Update: XBLA Alan Wake Not Alan Wake 2

Remedy: "If we intended it to be that, we'd have named it that."

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PhantomTommy2175d ago

Cool, although I wasn't a massive fan of the first one I still felt it had serious potential to become a great series, hopefully there will be a true sequel after this XBLA game.

dark-hollow2175d ago

Alan wake 2 for the nextbox.
Make it happen!!!

MAJ0R2175d ago

sure but you have to wait about 6 years after they announce it


JokesOnYou2175d ago

Ive always said Alan Wake was the most underrated game this gen imo, really besides Mass Effect its my favorite non- shooter IP this gen and unlike most of my friends who neverd had it on their radar, or didnt follow the this game since the first trailers, I bought it day one. Eventually most of them have at least got a digital copy and now they all are fans of Remedys brilliant work. Its great to hear that although this upcoming AW content is going to be really special, its not AW2, which means there is no doubt Remedy will be giving us a full fledge sequel sometime in the future.

T3MPL3TON 2175d ago

'besides Mass Effect its my favorite non- shooter IP'

...... Mass Effect is a shooter.

palaeomerus2174d ago

@ T3MPL3TON + 1h ago
" 'besides Mass Effect its my favorite non- shooter IP'

...... Mass Effect is a shooter. "

Yeah, and so is Alan Wake! It's a third person shooter (using semi-automatic civilian weapons and light sources as weapons and a targeting/weakening mechanism) that has a cinematic "near miss" dodge mechanic and very simple climbing/switch puzzles to break up the action.

_Aarix_2174d ago

you want an underrated xbox game....try lost odyssey.

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SockeyBoy2175d ago

There was a magazine last month that was saying MS/Remedy are holding off AW2 until the next xbox! Hope so!

yesmynameissumo2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

Alan Wake was a lot of fun. Great, great atmosphere. I'm really not concerned what they call it as long as the quality present in Alan Wake is throughout this XBLA game. I really have no doubts that it will be.

qwertyz2175d ago

Since MS doesn't have many first party devs it'd make sense if alan wake 2 was held off till next gen maybe as a launch title or something.

Spenok2175d ago

I still need to make my way through the first. But ever since i moved and packed up my 360 i havent unpacked anything except my PS3. This is THE game that i would do it for though. Ive seen it in action and it looks really good. Hmm... maybe ill have to do that soon.