Battlefield 3 being sold illegally in Iran

After an unnamed deputy, with the security and intelligence division of Iran’s police, announced that there would be a permanent ban on the selling of Battlefield 3, many game stores were raided and found to have copies of the game for sale. Though EA has no resellers in that region,meaning it was not meant to even be available, many store owners acquired the game by importing and more nefarious means to sell it, illegally.

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Hufandpuf2414d ago

"Though I suspect in some areas of Iran, just looking outside is like playing Battlefield."

Ignorance is bliss? No, ignorance is still ignorance.

CynicalVision2414d ago

People can be so ignorant sometimes, they think that just because Iran is in the Middle East it's constantly a warzone.

Organization XII2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

Actually Iran is pretty far from starting wars, it's a place infested with pussy-ass politicians who fear engaging against any other country in the region. I know that because I live in the Middle East, and my country (not Iran) experienced tons of wars and I almost died once when a jet launched a missile which exploded few meters away from me, it's pretty wicked. Not really, war is ugly :(

Jasko452414d ago

I know it sounds horrible, but it would be hilarious if Iran declared war on the US.

caseh2414d ago

Wouldn't be so hilarious if they detonated a nuke in a major US city though would it.

CynicalVision2414d ago

Iran has no nuclear weapons to do such a thing.

caseh2414d ago

'The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has released its latest report on Iran's nuclear programme, presenting new evidence suggesting that Iran is secretly working to obtain a nuclear weapon. Iran has dismissed the claims as fictitious'

Uhuh, isn't that how it usually starts?

CynicalVision2414d ago

They've been saying the same thing for years now, Iran say they want nuclear power while the west are saying they want the bomb.

Either way, they don't have a bomb and they won't have one for a long time.

Having suggestive evidence means nothing, besides..what business is it of anyone's if they do want the bomb? Israel is more of a threat than Iran could ever be.

Don't fall for the propaganda, Iran has the same right as anyone else to devolop nuclear weapons.

FunkMcnasty2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

If Ammadinejahd (not sure about that spelling)is still in charge over there, I think he'd nuke Israel before he would the U.S. A few years back he said publicly he wanted to wipe isreal off the face of the earth.. and i'm pretty sure he said that exact statement verbatim.

But as fundamentalist as he his, and despite his hatred of Israel and The West, I don't think Iran is the real problem. Mammoud Ammedinejahd is too calculating to up and drop a nuke on someone.. I think he would need to be provoked. In my opinion it's North Korea that presents the most real Nuclear threat today. Because Kim Jong Il IS crazy enought to drop a nuke on S.Korea or Fire Ballistic Missles toward the US without any provocation.

@CynicalVision ^^^^^^ I dont think any country should have the right to develop Nuclear weapons. Holding the power to destroy an entire race or continent in one instant is playing God.

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Projekt7tuning2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

Maybe they will send a video to EA. Where a bunch of masked men will have a copy of Battlefield 3 with tape on the box like a mask, and threaten EA to scratch the dvd or blu-ray with a key if their demands aren't met lol. If EA doesn't give into the demands after that, they may just take a hammer to it next. Then a video of a broken disk will end up on Al Jazeera. They might also just put it on trial for spying like the three hikes they found lol.

FunkMcnasty2414d ago

Sick and twisted, but the black humor in your comment is well recieved ;)