Ubisoft making “AAA MMORPG”, could be for Wii U

Ubisoft now hiring for a "AAA MMORPG" title, and there are some hints that the Quebec team could be making it for Wii U.

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jacksonmichael2359d ago

Wow. Look at all the letters.

Ducky2359d ago

You know you're pushing the enveloppe when abbreviations start to become mouthfuls.

Skip_Bayless2359d ago

It's Pokemon because obviously Nintendo has almost no grasp on building an online infrastructure.

Timmer2359d ago

@ Skip_Bayless

While it could very well be a Pokemon MMO, though I don't know if they'd outsource something of that magnitude to Ubisoft. Unless they're working hand-in-hand with Gamefreak, then I'm iffy on the idea of having another team work with the Pokemon franchise.

yabhero2359d ago

there was a ghost recon online demo at e3

Khordchange2359d ago

an mmo would do well with the wii u touch screen

atticus142359d ago

Im not sure the Wii U will provide the right audience for a AAA MMO...well at least if it requires a subscription.

GameTavern2359d ago

Well this is the type of attitude that really causes troubles for Nintendo's consoles.

How can you say it won't provide the right audience before we know anymore? And if anything, this is the type of game that would get said audience (not this particular game, but general sense)

--Onilink--2359d ago

funny how you seem to know what type of audience an unreleased console has...

Its not like when we had gamecube you could say that the Revolution would be great for a casual audience

Dravidian2359d ago

and @ GameTavern
He said he isn't in he doesn't know. He never said he knew the wii u's audience.

FEARprototype2359d ago

AAA+MMO=very very long development time....{sigh}

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