November’s best-selling games in Japan

New entries this month include Mario and Zelda, Uncharted 3, Modern Warfare 3, and more.

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Hufandpuf2451d ago

542,842 is the highest number? Is that good or bad?

Spenok2451d ago

Games dont quite sell in Japan with the numbers you see in America or EU. Its not a bad thing, i think its just the purchases are a bit more spread out between games/systems.

Not to mention Japan is a pretty small place compared to US and EU.

On topic though im surprised to see both CoD AND BF on the list for best sold during the month. Though it is worrysome to see CoD above the likes of Zelda.

ZombieAssassin2450d ago

I'd say that's good for a game in Japan, a few IP's get huge numbers but most don't. Also like Spenok said Japan isn't as big as USA or EU, not to mention their are only a fraction of the amount of consoles sold there as other territories.

Darth Stewie2451d ago

What COD was the biggest selling console game for November.