90° Red Riding Hood Computer Entertainment System Caught In Fraps

Lets make things clear first — FRAPS is known to display around 10-15 FPS lower than what you are actually getting. With that in mind we invite you to check out our next video series filmed by GamerX at

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Raider692148d ago

BS fraps displays the framerate you are getting at that moment!Fraps its not a taxing APPZ and doesn't dispay 15fps less than what you actually are getting!It displays the correct framerate!Another BS his telling that v-sync is enable,well getting 20 to 45fps in MW3 and v-sync is enable!?Very strange.

GamerXGATT2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

It is a well known fact running FRAPS reduces your frame rate some, especially if you have it loaded off a slower HDD. With direct filmed videos you can see 0 lag what so ever, you can't even notice lag. In this case FRAPS was doing multiple tasks including benchmarks that haven't been posted yet.

Either way, the FPS never dipped below a playable frame rate maxed out, even noted by the person playing the game. And finally, background apps were running as well - and games never once shuttered. The lowest dip was at a still visible by the eye fps in Skyrim, maxed out settings probably loading from the HDD at the time. BTW the system is now on Amazon for pre-order as well.

For running brand new games at highest settings, switching over a few details and the FPS will be blazing. These videos show everything completely maxed out @ 1080p.

GamerXGATT2148d ago

Also remember, its a PC - you can change the settings to get 100 FPS if you so choose. I choose to run on FULL settings. With effects turned down everything would of course run at a smoother pace. However that's not what my videos were about -- they are about what the system can push out at completely maxed settings, which is what users were asking for :)

smooch_3572147d ago

I'm not sure if you the maker of RRH, or just an employee, but I just want to tell you that I've been watching all you youtube videos, and reading all your stuff on n4g. The fact that you are making yourself available to interested readers via comments, and defending your product shows your passion like you are here, is very very reassuring to potential buyers. I encourage to keep it up,I feel like if I needed to, I could get in contact with you if I needed to. And that is a big plus in my book.

smooch_3572147d ago

Hey I also looked for it on amazon, but cant find it, I looked under red riding hood and steam console, can you post a link. I want to put it on my wish list.

GamerXGATT2147d ago

Click on their store page @ and click the Amazon link. Wish list away :)

smooch_3572147d ago

Hey is there any difference between the 3 different models of this system? So like is the price different only because of the included keyboards, mouse, game controller, and bigger HD space? Or is it because the more expensive systems have like more ram and better processors or something?

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