Skyward Sword – Demon Lord Ghirahim Part 2 Boss Guide

"Upon reaching the end of the Fire Temple, Demon Lord Ghirahim confronts Link for a second time. If you recall the first Ghirahim encounter, you will quickly notice that this time around Ghirahim has cranked things up a notch. He still has two phases, and the easiest way to defeat him is still by utilizing Link’s Shield Bash." - JPS

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colonel1792418d ago

Really? Spoiler in the title.. They don't have shame now.

Pozzle2418d ago

Yeah, they've spoiled practically every boss fight in the game. :(

crxss2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

i don't see a spoiler... "boss part 2"? not that big of a spoiler.

for those who think it's a spoiler were you really not expecting to fight Ghirahim? seriously? kinda sad

Squall_Leonhart2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

And that's why I was a Skyward Sword virgin aka by not checking anything/staying up to date with this game via online websites.

daddy1c32418d ago

It's sad but true, I had to go complete media black out on Batman Arkham City before I played it. I mean G4 ran 5 episodes the week before it released and each episode featured one of the bosses. Sadly the only way to avoid spoilers in this day and age is to avoid the game altogether.