Playstation, Xbox faked in 8-bits

China's ShenZhen LinFeng Electronics has cranked out a series of console knock-offs, imitating the look of all three generations of the Sony Playstation, the original Microsoft Xbox and even the Sega Saturn. With wholesale prices around $3 bucks a piece, don't expect these consoles to play anything resembling modern games. All of the systems supposedly play 8-bit games, but at best those are likely to be bootlegs of old NES games.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but in this case, it's more like the sincerest case of intellectual property theft.

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Reganomics3827d ago

china is shamless when it comes knock offs...i remember reading an article about a chinese company making conterfeit baby formula, and all these babies were dying because the formula had no nutritional value. Its sad what people will do for money.

name3827d ago

Where's my chinese nintendo we :(

kydrice3827d ago

Actually it's the Vii, look it up.

Fighter3827d ago

The dvd player disguised as a Wii. Funny if someone actually buys them thinking it's a wii.

Zhuk3827d ago

i bet the chinese wii is more powerful than the real thing

Jen5en3827d ago

Hehe Zhuk, you must have seen too much Dennis the Menace, you just NEED to pick a fight everytime something comes up. And then you try to pick a fight with Wii owners. Good luck...


even in THIS article you have some dumb fanboy comment to say. Unbeleiveable. When are they going tobe done fixing your XBOX because you really have too much time on your hands.

Strife Lives3827d ago

Lol i remember bk in grade 5, the ps1 just hit here and I got one and it was pretty pricey at the time. Few months later a friend of mine said he got one too, and I was like cool, u should get that game Rage Racer . And he said he would. Went to his house he had a ... PSMAN lmao hahahahahaaa. The humanity lol atleast, i played some good old mario bros on it

nanometric3827d ago

Hahahaha, an xbox with ps controllers, at least in someway we all can live happy together! :D

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