THQ Asks Your Feedback On WWE '12's Universe Mode

It appears as if THQ is already in the planning stages for WWE '13 as it has released a new survey asking fans what they think of WWE '12 Universe mode.

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slavish2363d ago

here is some feedback. stop making wwe games every year! game crashing Glitches and servers not up for launch is not professional. Do what you did with ufc 3 wait 2 years or get a new development team!

Ace_Man_62363d ago

I was going to say the exact same thing

squallheart2363d ago

Agree with you two. The animations buggy, cant even get online yet. Universe mode is rather lackluster. For instances you launch first match it does the whole pyro thing like the show but you have to skip to get to your match which loading takes sometime unless you go the menu screen which leads to skiping cinematics. It doesnt really build storylines like the old game like you dont feel your created caw is progressing. If you want that go to road to wrestlemania but at the same time I dont like non of the wwe wrestlers and end up using caws from NOAH and TNA. hmmm i have a lot of gripes lol