Christmas is coming and Nintendo leads the pack

The game console wars are gearing up for the bloodiest Christmas shopping season ever, and this year women and children will not be spared. Australian retailers are reporting that gaming is finally in the hands of the mass market after successfully bridging the gap between geeks, girls and grownups for the very first time.

"The market has expanded and opened up to people who have never embraced gaming. It now appeals to a mass market that includes children, parents and grandparents," says Brad Harker, director of stores at EB Games.

The crowded gaming field is currently dominated by Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, all of which are rushing to create family friendly titles for handheld and console hardware. However it is Nintendo that has taken most plaudits for opening gaming to the masses with the revolutionary technology at the heart of its Wii gaming console.

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Mr Marbles3911d ago

The wii is crap, no it does not compete with the two real consoles, it is for non gamers, that is why it sells no games.

PS3 and 360 will be the ones to watch this season. Sony is doing what MS did last year, they are going to ship a million consoles to stores. If the consoles sell or not Sony will claim via NPD that they sold a million consoles, when actually they just shipped a million. MS did the same thing last year, go to any Best Buy and you will see tons of PS3s stacked everywhere.

360 really will sell a million consoles, so it will appear to be a close race when we get the NPD numbers.

Mr Marbles3911d ago

but yes.

And the sad thing is, because they shipped so many in November, just like MS did last year, their numbers will hardly move for most of 2008.

You can only ship so many consoles before retailers stop taking them, Sony shipped months worth of consoles in one months time, just like MS did last year, and Sony will ship very few units next year as a result, just like MS did for most of this year.

Its sad because they do this just so they can inflate their NPD "sales numbers" for the end of the year Christmas season, they know developers watch those numbers the closest.

Why do you think Sony keeps saying just wait for NPD numbers ;) slick arent they.

The Maverick3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

Most real gamers on this site are interested in only two consoles 360, ps3 it is just real sad that we cant get this message acrross to the mass of idiots who are still clamouring to buy the latest craze and jump on the bandwagon, online inferior to 360 and ps3, graphics inferior, games inferior, experience inferior. What all it has a remote really well so does my tv, and no im not hating on the wii, i just do not think it deserves to have all of this hype and i will reveal the truth.
and lo let their be light.

ChickeyCantor3911d ago

I'm gaming for almost 18 years now, are you claiming that i'm no real gamer because i got a Wii?
do not define yourself as a real gamer because i think you missed the point of the TERM GAMER.


name3911d ago

Lmfao I like the wii actually but "it has a remote really well so does my tv" made me laugh.

PS360WII3911d ago

Wii is a good console and has plenty of games that are worthwhile and are not mini game collections. It'll be intresting to hear if the lines for people wanting the Wii stay cool and collected like last year or will it turn into glorified PS3 launch with Mom's fist fighting each other in the store by the freshly stocked Wii section and guys ready to gut punch the person who's gonna take his Wii that he saw from across the store...

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