Gran Turismo 5XL to be Announced Soon?

"Sony promotional programs are great for many things. Among the many highlights, Sony tends to accidently announce things." - JPS

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jizzyjones2327d ago

SpecII + DLC rebranded for America/EU?

admiralvic2327d ago

Thats what I assume, but till its a fact... it's something else lol

blumatt2327d ago

This should be good. If it sells for the same $60 and we get all the dlc on the disc, it's a great deal.

MariaHelFutura2327d ago

LOL. XL will be much easier than Spec II for NA to interpretate.

fei-hung2326d ago

This reminds me, shouldn't we be getting December GT5 update / DLC considering we were told PD are looking at giving updates / dlc once every 2 months :s

RXL2327d ago

i got excited because i seen XL and what looked like RXL..and what i thought was my name in the title! =D

but =(

damn my fool me again..

Nitrowolf22327d ago

wait a new playstation reward program is launching?

admiralvic2327d ago

This is a reboot of the old HP one. It started... in March. It's a fairly amazing program, but tends to confuse people. I believe apps are no longer open, though they keep adding more spots.

Nitrowolf22327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

I had no idea they started it up again. I got my T-shirt from the first one and was told to wait on additional news for future PS reward and such.

I liked PS Reward a lot in the first faze, I just wanted different rewards though. I hope Sony launches it again to the whole public though. Such a great Idea.

Edited:ah you meant HouseParty,my bad. Thanks

Soldierone2326d ago

You are thinking about two different things. I know this is late reply, but just to make sure lol.

This is HouseParty rewards. People apply and you basically jump through hoops to earn points and get rewards.

The one you are thinking about is the PS Rewards beta. nothing has come of it though, sadly.

user8586212327d ago

Expect it in 3-5 years.. :)