Big News Coming from Machinima, Xbox, and Verizon

Looks like Machinima Inside Gaming Awards is coming very soon. Verizon is sponsoring the Gamers Choice award this year and is offering a great deal on FiOS triple play with a year of XBL Gold and a free game throw in.

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3GenGames2274d ago

*Looks at title* This can't be good... :P

JLeVRT2273d ago

Judging by the title...

...Watch this article blow the fuck up.

Washington-Capitals2273d ago

You say that like its a bad thing, except when theres a "secret PS3 exclusive" rumored which usually is some random game no one will care about after, the articles go to 1000heat level.

Starbucks_Fan2273d ago

Jesus Christ I already pay enough just for my Droid >:(