With Xbox 360 updates and sales like these, who needs next-gen consoles?

The Xbox 360 continues to rack up solid sales, while the Nintendo Wii – once the top-selling platform in the world – has seen its hold on the market erode. That's the news this week from Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter, who estimates Microsoft sold 1.44 million units in November, up 5 percent over the same time last year. Nintendo, by comparison, sold a little over a million units in November, which represents a 17 percent drop, year over year.

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osamaq2363d ago

I need Next-Gen Console ..
its time to update ...
I like to see new gaming experience ASAP...

Vortex3D2363d ago

When you finally get the next-gen, then you can complain where are the true next gen games? It takes 2 years before true next gen games come out. And then complain why next gen games are more expensive.

darthv722363d ago

with changing the OS now and then. You will still need new hardware with practically each new windows version. It is almost the same with consoles.

Yeah the new dash will be great change but so will hardware to really expand on what the dash offers. Reminds me of trying to run windows 7 on an old P3. It can be done but the real benefits of the OS dont begin to shine until you pair it up with the right performing parts.

MaxXAttaxX2363d ago

I've yet to see a PC game that looks miles ahead of the PS3 and 360 WITHOUT MODS.

I need to see PS2 to PS3 sized graphical leaps(AT LEAST) in more than just a couple PC games to be sure about next gen.
I've seen several impressive tech demos(like nVidia's hair tessellation demo) and I've yet to see games on PC put it to good use.

radphil2363d ago

"I've seen several impressive tech demos(like nVidia's hair tessellation demo) and I've yet to see games on PC put it to good use."

You need to check out the indie side then.

dark-hollow2363d ago

that because they are working based on the lowest common denominator which is the consoles and the fact that not everybody have a powerful pc.

Remember crisis in 2007 and how pcs struggled to run it?

showtimefolks2363d ago

Seriously more gamers need to take a chill pill and not just always say the same damn thing I want new this new that. Newer does not mean it's gonna be better at launch and what's really newer. What kind of graphics jump are we looking at from ps3 to ps4? Can we get avatar style or pixar kind graphics? Maybe next gen we can get all games in 1080p and running 60fps.

Nintendo needs a new console and wii-u won't be anything new if it's inky doing what os3 and xbox360 can already do and at a lower price.

MS again wants to come out before Sony and that's the bottom line it's not aout moving the tech forward it's about getting more people from playstation to switch to xbox720 like that did with xbox360.

I rather MS wait and see what works with wii-u than a year later release an up to date consoles that will not have launch issue or wii-u. What I mean is every new console at launch does things right and wrong how aout eating nintendo doing the experiment and than just improve upon what they do wrong and make a xbox 720.

If people really are ready for next gen than I got a simple qution are you willing to pay max of 600-700 bucks because hats the onyx way we will get something good. If you want better tech and a 300 price point than good luck with tha.

Wii-u fall 2012
Xbox 720 I want to say fall 2013 but most like fall 2012
Ps3 nwill be in 2014. And 2013 at the earliest

Unless we want these consoles to be like phones 500-600 every 12 months

gamingdroid2363d ago

I want a $400 console every 3-4 years. I don't want a $600 every 7-8 years.

On average, the former will give you far better bang for the buck while also giving console manufacturers the option to reset the platform i.e. no more legacy requirements that holds the console back.

Hicken2363d ago

More bang for your buck? Unless everything's as simple as the 360 and Wii- especially the former- to develop for, then you'll only JUST be getting to the good stuff by the time the new systems come out. If you want examples, just look at games this generation on the consoles, and compare them with games from the 4 year mark.

And why on earth would you be alright with paying 2/3 the price for 1/2 the life? Save up an extra $200 and get a system that'll last twice as long. And because it's supported for twice as long, you'll wind up with more games to play, which increases the value of the system. How is your model more bang for the buck?

MorningStar2363d ago

Don't even need to read this to answer the question. Hardware its out dated and needs updating but you cant have the same console with upgraded hardware which certain games will run on and the older hardware will not. That is why we have generations. Software updates are just that software.

ezcex2363d ago

What a dumb site. It should be "...with GAMES like these, who needs next gen consoles?"

Studio-YaMi2363d ago

Who would disagree with that ??
that's exactly true ! what good are sales for if you have almost NOTHING for next year ??

Stop being fanboyish and actually think about it !

Janitor2363d ago

I agree to an extent, amazingly it seems this year the console are just hitting their stride. At the same time, we see the limitations in cases like the Skyrim lag and lower player count & smaller maps on BF3 console versions.

FragMnTagM2363d ago

Skyrims lag would not be an issue if MS and Sony decided to use more than 512mb of RAM. The graphics cards in the two systems are pretty good, and they have great CPU's. The only real thing holding devs back is the ridiculously low amount of RAM.

Of course it wouldn't hurt to have some beefier GPU's and CPU's, but the ones that are there are doing a decent job.

One good thing about having a console's limitations is that dev's will find all kinds of code optimizations to be able to run on limited hardware, and with better code comes better graphics and A.I. when the next gen hits.

More power + Great code = awesome graphics, physics, and A.I.

_Aarix_2362d ago

Bethesda has had a long history of programming issues that I wish would just get ironed out. I doubt all the bugs and lag are due to hardware as oppose to software

FragMnTagM2362d ago

Don't understand the disagrees. Try running a newer PC game on 512mb of RAM. Even with the best graphics cards, and CPU's, you still need more than 512mb of RAM.

There are quite a few trolls/assholes on this site.

tee_bag2422363d ago

XBox sells well. Yet it's the only console iv had to buy twice within its own life cycle .

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