A Game of Thrones: the RPG, growing strong?

Game of Thrones is getting an RPG, but can it make us forget the less than spectacular RTS that was a Game of Thrones Genesis?

A closer look at all the details with the announcement of the European publisher.

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futurefrog2448d ago

Game of thrones vs. Lord of the Rings!?!?!?

Pintheshadows2448d ago

Can I decapitate a horse??

nondescript2448d ago

Hm. I want this to be good. I also want to be a millionaire. Shame the Game of Thrones has somehow got shouldered with such a tiny developer.

Skyrim mod anyone?

Hicken2448d ago

As a big fan of the books, I'm both excited and worried about this. I doubt a poor game would hurt the series' popularity, as big as it's become, but I still hope things turn out well.

moosekebabs2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

I agree, would be pretty hard to impact the show/books given the level of popularity, but it would still be great to see a proper Game of Thrones game. Hopefully by the time the series is done (I read somewhere that HBO have already commissioned two more series?)there's a decent game for the world.

Pintheshadows2447d ago

Yup, that's on top of series 2, and considering it's a massive time consuming production it will be around for a while. My issue is it deals with some intense themes that don't really translate well into games.

masterabbott2448d ago

Geeze I hope they do a better job at the RPG than they did at the RTS .. man the RTS really blew big time !!!