PS3 users split on Skyrim framerate issues

Peter Chubb: The current framerate (lag) issue that is hounding the PS3 version of Skyrim has users split. The reason for this is because some are still experiencing the problems after the update, while others are not. We have to wonder what is so different from one user to the next, and it cannot be the save file size, as there are inconstancies there as well.

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Nitrowolf22418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

I honestly haven't run into issues like everyone is saying where it's at the point of unplayable. I have had it slowed down severely about 2 times out of my 90+ hour of gameplay. I am running on a slim PS3 though so who knows.

either way the proof that there is an issue is there. I wonder sometimes how much time is spent on testing the game as bethesda.

Edited: ah just read a few comments saying ti runs better on slim PS3 then phat ones.

Focus2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

It's funny that the ps3 fans are split on this. . .much like the ps3's RAM. . .which is the reason for all this. Lol.
Gimped for the Cell's pleasure.

milohighclub2417d ago

I had my first experience with the stuttering yesterday after 70ish hrs, had to turn the game off it got so bad. At one point it froze for like 30seconds or so.

DonaldBeck2418d ago

it lags slightly in towns that are FULL of people, and then it goes away. if thats game breaking to you than your crazy.

dark-hollow2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

thats why fanboyism is hurting gaming!!!
Instead of fans pointing out flaws releated to their faviorite system but they care about saving face!!!

user39039992418d ago

dude, put down the haterade and calm down, it's just a game.

SDF Repellent2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

Dude, Donalbeck, stop defending something that is clearly a flaw. I seriously don't think you even have Skyrim or play much of it judging by how you are in every Skyrim article and defending the PS3 version like it is your first born.

BitbyDeath2418d ago

"you are in every Skyrim article and defending the PS3 version like it is your first born."

Should have said Dragon Born.

On another note, mine doesn't lag much either.
Did get a little bit when i had a to fight two dragons at once. (One was a story related and the other just flew straight in).

Luckily my dog distracted the 2nd dragon for half of the battle.

Bathyj2418d ago

Yeah, we should just trust your opinion. You clearly dont have anything against Sony or PS3. At least not to the point where you would model your online persona after it.

No problems since update.
Fat PS3.
You'll just have to believe it, cos it happened.

h311rais3r2418d ago

It is a flaw of both parties. Ps3 and Sony for severe lack of RAM and bethesdas for not utilizing their save files correctly. My friend on ps3 has no issues at 150 hours in. I'm on a beefy pc so I doubt this will be an issue for me. However if a 360 controller is plugged in I can not look up or down!!!!

Lubu2418d ago

The issue I'm having is that around an hour of playing, it'll crash and freeze up requiring a hard reset. This last time, I got a message saying that I turned off the system incorrectly, and ran a backup restore that took about 30 minutes. I have a slim 160gb. Not much on lag though.

wolokowoh2418d ago

Context: 160 hours, Level 74, 19 mb save, have the platinum.

Only recently has it become "unplayable". "Unplayable" is exaggeration but it freezes often enough to seriously piss me off. I completed the final fort capture in the Stormcloaks" six times in a row because it continued to freeze and the game wasn't autosaving when I was fast traveling to Solitude immediately after the mission to do the final mission. The freezing has gone from maybe every 10 or more hours on average in my first 100 hours to nearly every hour and sometimes even after 10 minutes. The frame rate drops has gone from lasting seconds to minutes. I've encountered several problems. Corrupted saves, saves not loading from the title screen so I had to choose another one losing 30 minutes of progress, audio drops, lag in audio, dragons getting stuck in the ground, weird baby blue textures replacing the usual like a light show. Most of which were fixed upon quitting the game. The game since the 100 hour mark has been buggier than New Vegas.

Pintheshadows2418d ago

The framerate issues are there and seem to be intermittent and entirely random. Since 1.2 i've encountered a lot more freezing as well. Usually when loading a dungeon. I'm at 127 hrs and I can't say it has got worse simply because it seems about the same. I actually finished the main quest earlier which was enjoyable.

The fact is even with its issues I still love Skyrim.

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