8.1 Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Review

In a year absolutely stuffed with HD remakes, one game - just like its protagonist - stands head and shoulders above the rest. A masterclass in videogame preservation, this is a title that puts the efforts of rival publishers to shame. Both progressive and utterly faithful to the original material, Halo Anniversary is as good as it gets.

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urwifeminder2328d ago

I vowed not to get this remake but caved in glad i did looks and plays sweet fogot how hard the game is.

palaeomerus2328d ago

I forgot 5 major things about Halo:CE :

1.) The assault rifle is kind of weak but it sounds AWESOME and has a lot of ammo.

2.) The warthog really slides around a lot almost like it has greasy tires.

3.) No hijacking makes some vehicles harder to deal with but you can relax when charging elites as long as you watch for plasma grenades.

4.) The allied AI is pretty dumb at times. Why jump in front of a a guy who is sniping only to get shot by the enemy target you just saved? Why hop on a ghost and run me over from behind when I'm using a rocket launcher and trying to stop that wraith from killing you ?

5.) The original Banshee controls and thrid person camera view really were just AWFUL. They were fun as far as adding verticality to a level, but ooh-boy they really stunk.