Five Predictions for 2012

Louis Bedigian: What can we expect from Apple, Zynga, and insider trading reform in the coming year?

It's almost hard to believe that we are less than 30 days away from 2012. But after the confetti has settled and people drag their drunken bodies back to their homes and apartments, we will be faced with another new year.

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Razongunz2391d ago

crap crap crap.. thats what this article is.

jsut readed the ps vita stuff..just quit with all the ps vita ranting..leave it..and use ur time for something usful. the ps vita is a great handhelds..its nice it has close to 40 launch titles graphics on pair with ps3 and alot of features... the price.. sure its abit high..but for what u get from this its not expensive at all.. the ps vita has more features and the same power as the ps3 had at launch..exept the ps3 had a 600 dollar tag. the ps vita is gonna do fine.. if it doesnt then its not sonys fault..then its simply the costumers.. if this doesnt sell its only because ppl have lost interests in atual portable gaming hardware and isntead geek off with their angrybirds on their iphone smack.