Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City vs. Silent Hill: Downpour

Rely on Horror; C Anderson writes: "With such a flurry of recent game releases, people often find it difficult to purchase every single game they’re interested in. Thanks to the internet, gamers now have the ability to access content related to games of interest, as well as get a collaborative perspective from fans of a specific series. I consider this to be one of the most important resources for me when considering the purchase of a game, as for a college student, money doesn’t always come so easily."

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SquidBuck2450d ago

Resident Evil has always been better than Silent Hill.

TheXgamerLive2450d ago

I disagree, but both series have extreme diehard fans.

For me, this silent hill will look great, play great and give me many many hrs. of the Survival Horror that I need.

It's sandbox and it's a first for SH games and that is the only risque. Has it been laid out as to play smoothly open world or will it actually be area's that are closed off, more story driven like Alan Wake. Either way SH Downpour is one of my top 4 releases for 2012, RE squad based mp, naaaaa I've already played L4D I & II.

Tdmd2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )


Not since the 4th game, imo. Although, today I'd take Dead Space over both.

Venox20082450d ago

socom shooter vs. horror? sorry, I 'll take horror :)

wh0am12450d ago

Sadly I care for neither at the moment.

PhantomTommy2450d ago

It pains me to see Silent Hill in this state, it needs a complete reboot and it needs a japanese developer.

SeraphimBlade2450d ago

Hmm, a spin-off vs a spin-off with delusions of being a real entry.

I say buy the Silent Hill HD collection.

Kyosuke_Sanada2450d ago

I think a more fitting title is these titles vs Amy because that's the only horror title I haven't heard anything bad about...

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