WipEout 2048 Preview [Game Revolution]

Anyone familiar with the series knows that WipEout is a sure bet, with its Tron color palette, anti-gravity sweetness, and liquid-smooth speed that sets itself apart from all the premium arcade racers available today. Like its predecessors, WipEout 2048 is still about stepping on the thrusters, accelerating through the start gate, hitting all the zip arrows, nailing each turns with accurate air brakes, blasting foes with missiles, and nabbing first place and that shiny gold medal.

~ Nick Tan, Game Revolution

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doctorstrange2361d ago

Been a WipEout fan since the very beginning. Can't wait.

Nailbunny402361d ago

can't wait to drive while I am driving.

Beetey2361d ago

Trust me not a good idea. I once tried this with my psp and it didn't turn out well... I ended up taking fourth place but after questioning I plead the fifth.

stormeagle62361d ago

What an arbitrary year to pick for the setting.

D3stinySm4sher2361d ago

Cross-platform support FTW.

MasterCornholio2361d ago

Out of Mario Kart 7 , Modnation Racers and Ridge Racer. This seems like the best racer to pick up on a portable.

Can't wait for the Vita.


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