The Escapist: My Favorite Skyrim Mods So Far

One of the joys of being a PC gamer is having freedom to tweak your experience so it is just that much more pleasurable. I prefer not to alter the story or rules with my mods - I want the first playthrough at least to be true to the designers' intentions - but I have no qualms making some serious cosmetic changes. Try as designers might to make a perfect game, there are always a few issues with the graphics or interface that either looks wrong or is just damn frustrating to use. Why play with tools that don't work for you if you have the ability to edit them? Skyrim is a game I'll be playing for a long, long time, so I spent some energy this weekend making sure it looked and played exactly the way I wanted.

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scotchmouth2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

Interesting to see the author didn't choose the night sky mod. I don't have a gaming pc to support this game but from what I have seen it almost seems manditory.

That and those smooth face mods