Treyarch busy recruiting for next Call of Duty. To be set in Space?

NRM: "Just weeks since Modern Warfare 3 became the biggest-selling game of 2011, talk about the next in the Call Of Duty series is already heating up. Call of Duty: World At War and Black Ops developer Treyarch is stepping up development for what will be the ninth title in the franchise. Various job listings have been spotted on the studio's official website, citing applicants should be, amongst other things, “an expert on recent first-person shooters.""

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Intentions2333d ago

Ohhh noooo.

Please nooot space.

Laxman2332d ago

I would actually enjoy a Sci-Fi/Space CoD. The gameplay mechanics in the series are quite good and very enjoyable as a FPS, and Sci-Fi games are quite scarce nowadays. My issue with Call of Duty is the stale settings and stories, which Space would help with.

Organization XII2333d ago

I want it under water please. Call of Duty: Operation Jaws Unleashed

Pikajew2332d ago

They are probably looking for ways so the Russians can be the enemies

TopDudeMan2332d ago

Call of duty moon at war.

Doing 1080 no-scopes while jumping really slowly.

Dojan1232332d ago

MW3 is the first COD I did not get since the first one. I might get this if it truly different with ranked dedi's (PC).

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The story is too old to be commented.