Red Dead Redemption Triple XP Now Live

Rockstar Games has announced that the triple XP event for Red Dead Redemption is now live.

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fluffydelusions2203d ago (Edited 2203d ago )

So people still play this online? Figured this was just sort of an added bonus like dead space 2. I don't know anyone who even plays this online.

Focus2203d ago

Not big on multiplayer but absolutely love it in this game. Not at all like the dead space tacked on multiplayer, I've sunk many hours into this game's multiplayer.

Buuhan12203d ago (Edited 2203d ago )

RDR was a fantastic game, my 2010 GOTY, and was one of the few games that made me actually want to play its multiplayer. Sadly tho, I can't say I had much fun in it.

ainsz2203d ago

4x has just finished, now we got triple xp!!??

Hufandpuf2203d ago

who still plays rdr? it was amazing when it came out but it wasnt known for its replayability.

LoneWanderer092203d ago

are you kidding, get a couple of friends make a posse and just have fun killing animals, racing, finishing hideouts, even playing zombie survival is fun. I still play this game and am Legend 5 (can't rank up anymore)

I dont play it everyday, but i do go back to it just to have a relax time with a couple of friends from my PSN list

Hufandpuf2203d ago

It's good to see people are still having fun with it, but I don't know how long free roam will last. At least they have the gambling though, that's always fun.

thebudgetgamer2203d ago

I haven't played in a while, good excuse to play tonight.