Mario & Sonic at the Olympics - "any shmo can't just pick it up and play"

Gameplayer has gone live with a 6/10 for the anticipated partnership of gaming mascots Mario & Sonic. They fail the game as a party favourite.

"M&SatOG just isn't FUN as a multiplayer game – it quickly becomes tedious due to a combination of overcomplicated controls."

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commadore653910d ago

The game doesn't look that interesting to me.. the fact that they have the mario and sonic characters in a very real life setting ruins it a bit straight off.. think that was part of the agreement in it being official.

Sega got the licsense for this i think. If nintendo are serious about keeping this casual demographic they'd be better off leaving the mario characters out of things like this and relying on the mii's. Granny Groggins or Uncle Barry have no recolection of mario games/traditions of the mario universe.