Cliff Bleszinski Confirms Lack of Space Marines in New Epic IP


"Today, it was confirmed that at the Spike Video Game Awards this upcoming Saturday, Epic Games will unveil their new IP.

"OXCGN has exclusive information regarding the mysterious new title, and has the privilege of being the outlet with the first concrete details.

"The information comes from Cliff Bleszinski himself."

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TheBeast2447d ago

I am surprised someone actually submitted this. Usually joke tweets are jokes...

Proeliator2447d ago

You forgot that this is N4G, where everything Cliff says is a headline! ;)

EddyD2447d ago

Why would you reply to your own submission?

undercovrr2447d ago

Hes not replying to his own submission....

EddyD2447d ago

Proeliator posted it and was the first to comment...

Organization XII2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

yesterday i was about to jump off a cliff, then i took an arrow in the knee.

Convas2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

Man, this meme is EVERYWHERE! I can't look around a digital corner without taking something to the knee.

jdktech20102447d ago

Why don't you Tebow while you are at're already down a leg...seriously, people these days are easily amused (for the better sometimes)

undercovrr2447d ago

I don't care how many times i've heard it..its still funny