Rumor: Skyrim Lag Starting To Show Up On The Xbox 360

Unconfirmed reports of freezing and framerate slowdown are surfacing from Xbox 360 users with long play times.

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PirateThom2331d ago

It's not a PS3 issue, the RAM on the PS3 just caused it to manifest sooner. Any changes in the world are saved in the save file, when that is loaded, it has to reload all the data to the RAM, hence, any platform is potentially at risk.

DonaldBeck2331d ago (Edited 2331d ago )

spot on

@dark360 interesting, my friend owns the 360 version and it lags, wonder why you had no issues.

fluffydelusions2331d ago (Edited 2331d ago )

I finished the 360 main quest along with some others and no issues. Around 60+ hours last I checked. Now I'm playing PC version and no issues either.

DarkBlood2331d ago

im curious beside the controller experince

why do u have 2 versions? :P

CandyCaptain2331d ago

Donald the way it works is depending on how you play. If you mess around with a lot of things. I.E moving objects around, or just killing people will do this over time. Anyways the point being is that the games tracks everything you do and saves it just like that. Overtime it adds up, and eventually you get a huge save. It's been like that in FO3, FONV, and now Skyrim. When it gets to the ridiculous size of like 12-18 mb you are gonna experience crazy issues on ps3. I don't know exactly how big the file would have to be for the 360. But I know they must have been playing quite a bit to reach that point. I play it at my friend's house on his 360 and his file is at 14mb. It's working just fine on it. @[email protected]

fluffydelusions2331d ago

@DarkBlood recently got a laptop capable of gaming so picked up skyrim on it cause I loved 360 version so much :)

EVILDEAD3602331d ago (Edited 2331d ago )

LOL @ there being unconfirmed issues at 170+ hours..We all knew it was big..but at 170+ hours this game is simply gargantuan..

It's clear that I won't even come close to having an issue if it takes that long for someone to find one.

None on my 360..either way..Skyrim is gaming bliss


malol2331d ago

thank GOD the PC version runs GREAT !!!

Computersaysno2331d ago (Edited 2331d ago )

Well this illustrates the tight tight memory constraints on console. Too big a save, maybe only a dozen or so more megabytes trying to load into RAM crushes performance.

It is said to be difficult to patch, but maybe Bethesda will have to seriously consider downgrading some areas graphically. Talk has been made about restructuring the engine which would be complex, but the simplest way would be to reduce the memory load to allow for bigger saves and that means.......cutting down a few assets in worse areas. Turning down the filtering. reducing a few textures here and there. Cutting out a couple non essential NPCs in the busiest areas where it appears to suffer worst.

Maybe they can squeeze off 5-10mb without hurting the look of the game too much, and adding maybe another 50 hours of playtime on the game before it struggles to this point and just admit thats the best that can be done.

maxbox992331d ago

Never had any issues with my 360 except giants sending me in the sky and that quest from the college of winterhold that no one is able to finish on console, and I must be around 50hours

JaredH2331d ago

I think they should rename the rumor bar on this site. I'm pretty sure no one is "hopeful" it's on 360 too. It would just make sense if it was.

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Solidus187-SCMilk2331d ago

well, Ive already finished the game on 360 and had no lag at all.

I started a new game after tho so mine never got to 180 hours or whatever this guy claims.

Focus2331d ago

Yeah sorry you guys, looks like this rumour is just that, a rumour. This ps3 exclusive is staying on ps3. Power of the Cell I guess

PirateThom2331d ago

And it's nothing to do with the processors, it's RAM.

kaveti66162331d ago (Edited 2331d ago )

Yup, the issue transcends platform, though I would argue that PC gamers probably won't have a major problem with this. Assuming you have a gig to spare you can play Skyrim for hundreds of hours without the issue affecting you.

I'm confident the community will find a fix for this for the PC version. Sucks for anyone who purchased the console version.

Edit: Now that I've read more about this, I have to say, this is not a bug.

This is reality. The game tracks all the changes you make so it can reload it later on. That's not a bug, that's amazing! The fact that consoles don't have enough RAM to account for this game's characteristic is not even the fault of the game or the engine. Having a large amount of RAM is something that is necessary for this game.

Wow, and to think, all these people were blaming Bethesda when it's not even their fault. The trademark characteristic of this game is that it accounts for all the changes you make, for the people you kill and so on. It's not like a game made for consoles, where enemies you just killed seem to disintegrate a la God of War. The save file grows because the more changes you make throughout play, the more data is added. This is only a problem for consoles because they are capped at less than 512 megabytes (32 megs for OS on 360, 48 megs for OS on PS3). It's not a memory leak of any kind.

Bigpappy2331d ago

You do realize that this is a RUMOR, right?

There is no lag with the 360 version of Skyrim.

This is a problem exclusive to the PS3, because of the split RAM and the size of the Skyrim map, with all of the info it has to keep updating as you cause kaos across the land.

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Dark3602331d ago

100+ Hours played so far and no lag.

Wedge10822331d ago

The guys complaining on the forum are coming in at 170+ hours.

Drekken2331d ago

No console is safe from Bugthesdas bugs.

BX812331d ago

I haven't had any lag on the 360 version but It has frozen up a couple of times.

ScubaSteve12331d ago

i notice couple of lag issues on my 360. but so far no freezes. but i didnt update it yet

arnyftw2331d ago

I get random freezes, but its nothing compared to those youtube vids.

BattleTorn2331d ago (Edited 2331d ago )

yeah, I have 90+hrs and have never encountered the type of shuttering lag that i've seen on youtube.

at least the 360 will have it fix'd as soon as the PS3 (which I assume will be promptly, despite some reports saying it's impossible)

we all have heard the term 'game-breaking bug', yet I've never heard of a bug that could break a game indefinitely.

Mikeyy2331d ago

Never seen a game breaking bug? Google bloodgrass glitch. Shame that never got patched. I think that qualifys

BattleTorn2331d ago (Edited 2331d ago )

edit: apparently I double posted... so to avoid anyone reading my previous comment twice....

HHii Arny!

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