Top 10 Videogame Box Art Covers of 2011

GP: "For gamers, the end of the year is typically a time in which we look back and reflect on what we've played and think about the games that would make our Game of the Year lists. And while this has been an amazing year for the sheer amount of great games released (perhaps even one of the best ever), this isn't that type of list. Instead, let's celebrate something that is often overlooked by many as soon as they purchase a game and toss it onto their shelves: videogame box art.

Not only is it the first thing you see when you buy a game, but for many casual gamers, a good box art cover can make or break the purchase of the game. 2011 was a pretty great year for box art, as you'll soon probably agree, so let's take a look at ten pieces of box art (in no specific order) that really stood out to me and are arguably among the best this year."

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blaaah2240d ago

Definitely Pandora's Tower...

zeal0us2240d ago

I have to admit that Pandora's Tower box art look pretty sick.

Batman box art make me think about Sin City

Acquiescence2240d ago

the box art for The Last Story and Pandora's Tower look gorgeous; truly showcases of how to pull off a successful cover image for a game. I thought the box art for Yakuza 4, El Shaddai and Alice: Madness Returns was terrific too.

Hicken2240d ago

I think The Last Story wound up being my favorite of those shown. Honestly, I can't think of any others that I'd want to mention that the list might have left off.

SolidGear32240d ago

Catherine, Rage, Deus Ex, L.A. Noire and Dragon Age II are some of my favorite box arts this year.