First Video Of Resistance 3's new DLC To Be Revealed On Xplay

Thanks to the official Playstation Twitter account, we now know when to watch out for the new Resistance DLC.

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TheGuyWho2178d ago

Really Looking Forward To The New DLC.

jimbobwahey2178d ago

Me too. I'm hoping for some form of co-op survival/horde mode, which would be fantastic fun with the weapons/perks/abilities they have in the game. Being able to grab a team of 4 players, pick any multiplayer map and see how long you can survive against endless waves of enemies would be excellent.

I did enjoy to co-op in Resistance 2 as well, but I'd personally much prefer something more horde-ish. It's a shame really too because the singleplayer and multiplayer in the game is great fun, and the free DLC maps were great, all it lacked was an awesome standalone co-op mode!

Rynx2177d ago

It didn't look like a co-op DLC. But I did see the video with the volume at mute (since I'm in class).

SuperStrokey11232178d ago

Any hint at it being single player? I assume not.

kramun2178d ago

One can only hope, but I doubt it.

HeavenlySnipes2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

I'm 95% sure its coop related. J Stevenson basically confirmed it

core_52178d ago

the dlc calls "brutality" according zu xplay

"X-Play Exclusive: Resistance 3 DLC "Brutality" Preview

Resistance 3 DLC "Brutality" is almost here, and with new music from metal band Mastodon. In an X-Play exclusive, we'll visit with the band and Insomniac's Ted Price for an early look."