Confirmed: Resident Evil Revelations’ Jessica has sexy legs

Rely on Horror: "Before you all start delving into the inevitable discussion of why Capcom is opting to put such apparent importance on sexuality when it comes to Resident Evil Revelations’ female characters, all you male readers out there must admit one thing: Jessica is one hot babe."

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2420d ago
LoaMcLoa2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

Fashion > Survival

ABizzel12420d ago


and lol I was thinking the same thing. When is it wise to reveal skin when you have millions of zombies just waiting to take a bite out of you.

Kyosuke_Sanada2420d ago

They might as well reveal her fighting against tentacles....which I assume will be DLC.

Tanir2420d ago

outfit is sexy as eff, reminds me of one of my costume designs

Pozzle2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

I miss the days when Capcom actually gave a crap about making their mercenaries look relatively realistic. :(

This outfit just looks stupid...and doesn't even make sense from a sex appeal perspective. What, do BSAA scuba uniforms only come with one leg? Or did she cut off one of the legs herself?

Fierce Musashi2419d ago

lol agreed

Some class, Capcom.

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