Press Pause: PlayStation Vita, remaining holiday games

Press Pause Host Carlos Rodela and Dan "Shoe" Hsu discuss their recent hands-on time with the PS Vita, plus what remaining holiday 2011 games they're looking forward to. (It's pretty sad....)

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Sadie21002420d ago

It's really strange to see companies still releasing new handheld gaming devices in this day of iPhone and Android.

blusoops2420d ago

Nah. I'm really glad Vita is coming out. Seems like it was made with the hardcore gamer in mind. I totally hate iPhone gaming. Even infinity blade is boring and repetitive.

Plus try playing resource heavy games on ur phone and before u know it ur battery's gone. I need my phone for calls and this is great for me.

I agree that I wouldn't want to carry 2 devices with me all the time but if I KNOW I'm gonna need my Vita (wife wants me to go to the mall with her) then I'll bring it with me. Other than that, I'll play at home on the couch while she watches tv or in bed. There's another device that gets that same treatment at's called the iPad.

NagaSotuva2420d ago

I agree with Shoe. As much as I hate virtual analog sticks on smartphones, I can't see myself carrying a Vita around.