Star Wars: The Old Republic: Can It Survive The F2P Revolution?

A long time ago (by the accounting of video games, anyway) MMOs were going to be the next biggest thing in the industry. Right before the turn of the millennium, EverQuest was becoming popular and it seemed like there was a real future in the market of persistent online worlds. Every major publisher gave it a look and some openly speculated that the model of subscription based MMOs would possibly be the base upon which all future games would be built.

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donniebaseball2445d ago

I think it'll be fine short term. Long term, not so sure the subscription model will be viable.

fluffydelusions2445d ago

1m retail preorders so far in US alone so yeah I think it will be fine. Who knows how many in the rest of the world as well digital preorders are out there...

ATi_Elite2445d ago

yeh cause it will be on scale with the content that WoW has. There are many subscription based MMO's coming out like TERA and The Secret World.

Subscription based MMO's just have a super mega ton of content that justifies the $15 a month. Hell you can just hang out for the social aspect of it and not even play the dam game and still be entertained.

Hell your gonna spend 100's of hours on it a month so it's more than worth it while most $60 dollar games are done in 8-10 hours.

sjaakiejj2445d ago

I don't think Subscription based MMOs are going away. I think the main problem for most of them at the moment is that they're virtually the same as F2P MMOs, whilst consumers would expect a premium service from a monthly payment model.

This was the problem with games such as Lord of the Rings Online and DC Universe - What they offered didn't really compare to what WoW offers on a monthly basis, the games were under maintained for the amount you had to pay for them.

Whether Star Wars: The Old Republic is ultimately going to offer the premium service consumers would expect is still up in the air. So far it seems to indicate that they are going to support it a lot, though it's no guarantee that they will. Regardless, the fact that Star Wars: TOR can be played as either an MMO or a single player game (whichever way the player prefers, the game gives you the choice), as well as the fact that it's fully voiced and features the traditional Bioware pillars of immersion adds a lot of value to that 10 pounds / month subscription, so if they're able to keep that up in end-game content, they might well become a viable competitor to World of Warcraft in the premium market.

That's the way I believe the market will shape itself, with premium subscriber models, as well as F2P models with lower levels of support and dedication. It will take some time for developers to adjust however, and so you'll see a number of developers passing by that go from Subscription to F2P.