Is Sonic Generations a game fans will want to play?

The ridiculous checklist a hardcore Sonic fan has to go through to make sure a new game even has the possibility of being good.

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ill say it for you, if they are not happy with this sonic then ... F em....

MAiKU2419d ago

They really tried hard this time around.

darthv722419d ago

it was like sega was trying TOO hard. Almost like we can put sonic into anything and it will sell. Sorry but that only works for Mario. To be honest, Nintendo thinks a bit more through with what they use Mario for.

The various mario sports games and the kart games and even the rpg types are all pretty well received. Sonic is a game that is meant to go fast. Sonic Colors is a nice step back into what sonic did best.

Generations looks to expand to the good points of colors and give the gamers a game that sonic himself would be proud to run through. I had such high hopes for Sonic 4 but the control was just not there. Bad control ruins the overall experience for me. This game nails it like it should be.

As a side note...that sega racer they released not long ago isnt to bad. Entertaining but not overly obvious that it is trying to be a mario kart clone. Fun none the less.

miyamoto2418d ago

absolutely. this one is truly worth the time money and effort

Sadie21002419d ago

What about non-fans? Serious question. I've always been a Mario gamer and never got Sonic...but this one has me curious for the first time in forever.

MAiKU2419d ago

Its a pretty fun game. If not for the nostalgia then for the gameplay. Its pretty solid this time around.

Unfortunately it's not as high in the charts because of the other games that were released on the time frame. But the reviews have been mostly great.

sonicsidewinder2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

I bought it a few weeks ago for £20.

Still spooling through the first 3 levels for the challenges.

After standing in front of the first boss gate...I think I know what it's gonna be! xD

And i'm excited :D

It's actually a real fun game. Speeding through Green Hill Zone to Sonic Boom. That's a fucking experience.

NagaSotuva2419d ago

Part of me wants to play this, but the smarter part of me knows I'll be disappointed.

radphil2419d ago

You won't. Honestly they really fixed a lot of issues that the previous games had, which was not going fast pacing(sounds cheezy I know).

The whole theme about Sonic was constantly moving, and they did accomplish that for the most part for both the 2D and 3D aspects of the game.

lethalsilicong52419d ago

The smarter part of you should rent it and see what you think. :D