Battlefield 3 Could Have More BF2 Maps Soon

Botchweed: "In a 1 hour live chat with Fredrik Loving and Alexander Grondal, the producers of Battlelog and Battlefield 3 respectively, a user asked if there will be more Battlefield 2 maps included in Battlefield 3, beyond those that we know about in Back to Karkand."

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CaptCalvin2414d ago

How about BF2 features? You know, the good ones, that didn't make it into this one? Multichannel voice chat for a start...

ATi_Elite2414d ago

I'm pretty happy with the maps in Karkand map pak.

I want new maps and not a bunch of rehash!

if anything give me Panama Harbor from BC2! I loved crushing that map down to gravel. Awesome map.

EddyD2414d ago

Apparently they're working on the VOIP problems.

SJPFTW2414d ago

Mashtur City and Jalalabad please

theonlylolking2414d ago

They are almost just as lazy as the COD devs.

frostypants2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

The difference is that they are adding Frostbite 2 engine features into them, so they are major updates to those maps. The CoD:MW series, on the other hand, just tosses in the exact same map from the last game(s), right down to the shrubbery.

Plagasx2414d ago

How about some fresh new ones???

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The story is too old to be commented.