EA Bans Dude Who Gets Cursed At

EA's ban hammer reaches new levels of stupidity when someone gets banned after someone else swears.

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TheSanchezDavid2446d ago

This is the most logical thing EA has ever done. I'm being 100 percent serious here.

Also, I'm lying. EA is stupid for doing this.

ATi_Elite2446d ago

....and this is why I play on servers that DO NOT require Origin.

EA can suck a bag of "Richards"*!!

I'll be dammed if i pay $60 for a game and get banned from playing it although i'm sure these Gamers can easily find the alternative servers......Heck they most likely will have a better time on the alternative servers cause i know i do.

*Richard: common English name. Customary to go by the nickname Dick!

JaredH2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

I think it's logical too. Especially banning swearing while playing an M-rated game and swearing in any forum about the mature rated game. The best part is that it's only rated M for the single-player and it's actually unrated for multiplayer.

ATi_Elite2446d ago

"Fix yourself up with that Shite" from BC2 and BF3!

along with B$tch F&6K and a host of other curse words.

So does BF3 and BC2 get banned too?

EA is just stupid...too bad they got a shite load of good games coming out. I'm just glad i can avoid Origin for BF3 and will have to see about other titles.

your right we bought a M rated game so I'm sure the cursing doesn't bother us but if it does then turn on your filters or go play Super Mario kart.

omi25p2446d ago

I cant understand how they can ban a user for swearing and yet the Singleplayer game has a swear word in nearly every sentence.

Mikeyy2446d ago

The singleplayer? Have you listened to the narration in multiplayer?? When playing as russia and loosing he drops F bombs left and right! EA a hypocrits. He can argue the narrator swore over his mic, lol.

lifesanrpg2446d ago

Once again, EA should be focusing on hackers/exploiters, but go the easy route instead.

xtremexx2446d ago

hahaha i feel sorry for this guy, this makes no sense.

CandyCaptain2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

To sides to every story man. This was on reddit a few days ago. Just cause he going around saying this doesn't mean it's true. He could just be trying to paint himself in a better light...We have yet to hear what EA has to say on the matter.

Not sure if anyone remembers the kid on Xbox live that was a cheater, and everyone was ready to pounce on Microsoft. Look how that turned out. Just saying this could be a similar situation.

radphil2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )


Heh you typed all that out before I was. I was thinking of the same scenario.

Edit: Take this also with a grain of salt like the original incident, but someone posted this on the forums that it was on:

"I called EA Support this morning. Aaron was suspended for using vulgar language on multiple occasions, and was warned repeatedly to cease such behavior. EA warned him twice on November 17, and then again on December 2 before finally issuing a 72 hour suspension. He wasn't suspended by some filter malfunction or for comments made by others, he was suspended for stuff he did over the past few weeks."

Kran2446d ago

I've always been told that EA's customer support/moderation team is s**t.

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The story is too old to be commented.