OnLive – A Gamers Stream? (JPS)

Finners of Just Press Start writes:

"OnLive is an interesting take on digital distribution that, rather than try to take on Steam by offering a comparable but ultimately inferior service (*cough*Origin*cough*), attempts to offer something entirely new by streaming games to your PC or TV. For many, myself currently included, some of the latest games are out of reach purely due to lacking the ‘rig’ to run them, and whilst Indie games can alleviate this to an incredible degree there are certain releases that I genuinely wish I could play. My situation is far from dire, as I can actually run the majority of releases, but when OnLive decided to celebrate their UK launch with a ‘your first games a quid’ (note to non-Brits a quid=£1 or around $1.6) offer I thought I may as well give it a go, and perhaps unlock that currently missing percentile of my gaming experience."

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BuffMordecai2239d ago

Onlive should die out along with Origin.

CloseSecond2239d ago

I think the service has potential.

Xeserox2239d ago

It seems that OnLive is polarizing. Most of the people I know that use the service LOVE IT. Then there are a few that just can't stand it.

I've wanted to give the service a try just to see how it works, and how good things can look with it. Will you get true PC style graphics that you would expect on all PC games, or console style graphics?