The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - New Timelapse Video

DSOGaming writes: "YouTube user 'deepcameo' uploaded a series of time lapse clips shot around Skyrim on PC set to Ultra High settings. There is something really awesome in these timelapse videos that is really hard to explain. It might be the fact that we get to see how the engine renders various scenes in different time of days or the fact that it's like looking into the past (or into the future, whatever suits you). Fact is that this kind of videos are a beauty to watch so go ahead and take a look at it!"

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PiccoloGR2449d ago

Pretty interesting. Skyrim looks lovely as always!

Tsar4ever012449d ago

This game is SOOOO BEAUTIFUL, Man, If their were more "single player" games that looked this great and had this much depth, Mulitiplayer type games wouldn't be number one in popularity this gen or any other.......

Bigpappy2449d ago

Who else does this type of stuff in a video game? These guy are on a whole different level.

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