"Oh Good, My DualShock 3's Arrived" writes Kotaku

Kotaku writes: "As the headline so succinctly states, my DualShock 3 arrived from the Far East today, just in time for me to finish Uncharted. You can have a good look at it in the gallery below, while rough impressions follow: I like the colour (it's got a nice matte finish), and the rumble's fine, but the nicest part is the new, slightly heftier weight, making it feel more like a control pad and less like a...well, a crummy, cheap plastic toy".

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TheExecutive3948d ago

What is up with people thinking weight means quality? seriously, they have very little to nothing in common.

Bebedora3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

Yeah, I'm thinking laptop here.

-"Look! I've just got my 20 pound laptop. Now that's quality!"

jackdoe3947d ago

Not weight per se, but the fact that there are motors in the controller give it a "solid" feeling. Like when you grip the controller tightly, it feels like there is something pushing back, like your controller won't be crushed.

mccomber3947d ago

I've never felt that the sixaxis felt cheap or fragile because of it's weight, I personally have no problem with a lighter controller. I know a lot of people feel differently, but then again a lot of people think SUVs are safer because they are bigger, so... maybe it's an American thing?

chrno63947d ago

Definitely an American thing, ever wonder why the Americans say: "my penis is bigger than yours?"

I kid, anyways, I will def buy this when it comes to NA.

Foliage3947d ago

This reminds me of something... [see attached]

hfaze3947d ago

And once you get the chance to use one for a while, it's damn near impossible to go back to a regular SixAxis.

You may wonder why the controller feeling heavier may be a good thing, but it seriously does make the controller feel more solid.

Not to mention that the rumble patches are already rolling out. Resistance and Motorstorm have already been patched, and any demos off of PSN since the 1.92 firmware update released support rumble.

dantesparda3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

over my wireless one because its lighter (the battery pack on the wireless controller makes it heavier.)

What are people disagreeing with? What that i dont like the wired controller better?

Im just kidding with you's, i know what you dumb little fvcktards are disagreeing with. You dont think the wired controller is better than the wireless. Whatever, enjoy paying for all those batteries.

ReBurn3947d ago

Sorry to say, but compared to the Dualshock 2, the Sixaxis does feel flimsy and cheap. Weight doesn't mean better quality, but it does make a huge tactile difference.

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Mikey_Gee3948d ago

.. I prefer some meat in the controller so I feel like I have something in my hand.

Hydrollex3948d ago

Xbox 360 controller > SIXAIXS
DualShock 3 > Xbox 360 controller
Xbox 360 triggers > PS3 triggers

What I recmonend ?

PS3 Dualshock controller. I have it and it beats 360 controller. SIXAXIS is just bullsh!t and disappointed me

mazirjones3947d ago

the pressure sensitive buttons. driving at various speeds with one button is awesome, i think thats why the ds2 one all them awards

InMyOpinion3947d ago

Solid comment. I've got pretty big hands (for a gamer I guess...) and the 360 controller feels more comfortable to me. The grip of the Sixaxis makes my hands hurt after playing for a while, it's not as ergonomic.

Hydrollex3948d ago

I have both 360 and PS3. 360 controller is a little bit fat and the L3 is in a bad spot.

LeonSKennedy4Life3947d ago

DS3 - The triggers are easy to slip off we get them further down? Did anyone try those Chameleon controllers where the L2 and R2 were pretty far down the back of them? It was a DS2 imitation actually though. I would prefer that. Also...move the d-pad and left analog stick around. It's more ergonomic!

360 pad - the d-pad SUCKS and it would be nice to not have those freaking battery packs to cramp your style!

Relientk773948d ago

i want my dualshock 3 controller... cant wait til this spring

*guy above me* it really depends on the game I guess... some games have terrible sixaxis use

but I really like the sixaxis in Folklore for example

Danja3947d ago

I actually enjoyed throwing grenades in Uncharted with the sixaxis

as well as how it was used in R&C...and Heavenly Sword....

it worked for the most part in Lair also..contrary to what reviewers said..!!

Relientk773947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Ratchet and Clank, and Uncharted def have great sixaxis use...

I wont comment on Heavenly Sword or Lair cuz I dont own those games :-/

Tut3947d ago

Controlling the flight of crossbow bolts in slow-motion is probably some of the most fun I have had in a while, especially with the different body parts you can hit and have different animations for each.

And of course the cannon-fire controlling as well.

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